Do you have a good job? Have you ever follow a good job? Finding a good job is essential for every body during his /her life. Some reasons that cause this matter become important in our lives can be: financial, social, and psychological.


       Having a good life without dependence on anybody and need of money to get every thing that is necessary in our lives (include: food, shelter, etc...) are most important reasons for having a good job.

       Statistics show that one of the main reasons that cause crime is poverty. Although, this theory is not complete right but limited number of people because of lacking job or sufficient incomes with attention to society’s economical situation maybe perform social corruption.


       Having a good job causes you get a good sense of own and also helps you to become confident to continue your life.


       In conclusion, with attention to these reasons we can perceive importance of a good job. Then, not waste the time and try to find a beneficial job with attention to your