As we know, divorce is one of social problem that nowadays, its statistics is raising. Lack of couples information about each other before marriage, can cause this problems that is followed by a series of negative effects on family’s children, couple, and society.


        First persons that are hurt in emotional and psychical respect are children. Decrease parent’s attention to children in this situation maybe cause them run away from the atmosphere of family and this matter provides negative effects on their behavior, present, and future lives.


        After children, divorce also can affect the couple badly. In my opinion, in this situation women encounter problems more than men. Because some societies and families don’t have good look about divorced women; therefore, women don’t enjoy of their family’s protection also, if don’t have profession certainly face to very problems in their lives.


       Finally, when divorce’s statistics is rising; as result, moral corruption’s statistics rises in society  that makes very problems for another society’s people.


      Totally with attention to what said on above, we should have enough information and also an exact investigation of all of sides after doing every action.