Developing technology, increasing expectations, and changing beliefs all are factors that can cause distance and contrast between past life and present life in aspects such as: society, economical , and welfare.


            Social aspect, can consider roles of woman and man in two types of lives. Men in past life had active presence in the society, but women passed the time just for doing household work in their houses, but men and woman in present life have embossed role both in the home and also in the society.


            Economical aspect, nowadays people come to be materialist and their expectation is rising; there fore, their lives can’t persuade them; as a result, cause several problems, whereas in past life, morality was most important than materialism, and lives were simple and full of happiness.


            As you know, developments of technology causes people have more welfare facilities than past and can follow a good life.


            With attention to these contrasts are said maybe get this result that present life is better than past life but sincerity that was in passed is appreciable.