In my opinion, doing actions need a sequence that if we obey it certainly will be successful and receive a good conclusion .Now, on the base of my experience; I want to tell steps that are essential to study for the exam.


        First of all, classifying units into two groups: hard and easy, and setting time for them with attention to hardness and easiness. As you know, studying a hard unit takes more time.


       Next, starting to study. In this step, we should study units which are difficult than the others, and if we face to a problem the best way for us is use the other books that are related to our lesson.


       Then, taking the note or high light .When studying is better, take a note of important parts to understand matters carefully.


       Finally, with attention to time, we can review all of parts that are took (high lighted).     


       As you see, by following these steps will have a successful studying especially for exam.